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Experience Meets Innovation

Growth Consulting was born in 2012 by San Antonio marketing veteran, Scott Keeler. With over 25 years experience in turning challenges into triumphs, Scott set out to create an advertising and consulting business that focused on one thing: results.

Scott is a second generation “Ad man” who was raised in Mexico City and has spent much of his life in the Spanish speaking market. Since moving to San Antonio, Texas in 1990 to work as the national sales manager for Univision San Antonio, he developed relationships with important professionals in the city, the state, and the industry. He now uses his connections in major production studios, creative agencies, news outlets and more to get results for his clients.

Every Growth Consulting client works with Scott personally. You won’t be dealing with an account executive or a  “team” member. When you choose Growth Consulting, you’re always dealing with the Principal-and benefiting from the years of expertise he brings to the table.

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